Amber Double Scorpio Poppers favored throughout USA by DS enthusiasts. One of the original gem series (including Double Scorpio Emerald and Sapphire), its available from Where To Buy Poppers fast and discrete. Amber comes heavy and stands ripe from the moment you open the bottle.
Pairing the musk of frankincense alongside an earthy sage for sock knocking experience.

Find out what popper fans in the know from Atlanta, Georgia through St Louis, Missouri to California are raving about!

The word is spreading from New Orleans, Louisianna through Birmingham, Alabama on interstate 55 and across Chicago, Illinois along US - 41 toward Madison, Wisconsin.

Double Scorpio NEVER contains isopropyl nitrite or Amyl nitrite (illegal in the United States).

Step into the gem of a cleaner with Double Scorpio Amber.

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