Double Scorpio Poppers - Honey: a bear of a popper with pinapple and honey notes. Strong and delightful. Crafted with isobutyl nitrite and its isomers. Double Scorpio Honey the United States's most popular double scorpio brand! The Austin sensation of Double scorpio is being recognized across USA as the top shelf popper brand. Popular from Salt Lake City, Utah through Denver, Colorado on interstate 70 and across Lexington along I-64 toward Richmond, Virginia. The choice for the best poppers in the United States is Double Scorpio! Special event? Order in advance, Where To Buy Poppers ships double Scorpio honey and all varieties across USA including ( Atlanta, Georgia, South Florida, California and Minneapolis, Minnesota).

Remember Double Scorpio does not contain any isopropyl nitrite (associated with eye damage) or Amyl nitrite, which is illegal in the United States.

Den up USA with DS Honey and hibernate!

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